Kali Yuga Cycle Ends by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One,

We are the Great White Brotherhood here to assist you in healing the collective toxicity in our spiritual concepts that are now outdated and in need of an upgrade. I would like to say thank you to all the lightworkers who have stepped into their power and that includes you who have stepped into deeper states of suffering on behalf of humanity in order to discover and be the light of which you have come to be. Do not worry about the stress and the strife that is still playing out, choose to head into warmer waters in this ascension process as you become healthy and heal all the scars and scathings from which you have traversed the matrix in order to pave a path for the ones ready to follow in your footsteps and become their own heroes. Servicemen and servicewomen of the planet, it is now time to be free of the old paradigm where we have schismatically separated the divine feminine and divine masculine energy to now allow oneself to relax into the union of both energies in the order of twin rays where we have learned to balance the two energies in order to understand it while the dualistic nature of this planet is still playing out for us to study it for our next plan of creative projects in the Universe.

We live in a great time of learning, inspiration, healing and beyond that which we have thought we were or were not capable of, we love that we are seeing more of the collective stand up in their own sovereignty to do what they love and love what they do. The struggles are there for a reason, for you have looked to find a way to hurt yourself for so long that it has become a pattern which may or may not be holding you as victims to circumstance. Dear one, please note that this is not the case for many of you who are reading this who are aware that you have travelled this path in order to do the very thing that you had feared the most as you have begun this journey. Do not regret all that has passed and played out as it was the possibility that have unfolded for you to observe your true needs, desires and relationships which serve you in your higher, greater vision. Time to forgive it all and lay to rest the old dark age. Humanity has completed a grand cycle of the Kali Yuga and we are ready to advance forward which will call forth even more light and love to spread in the name of Shamballah’s return to the surface world for Earth have always been Golden.

We end this transmission today which our expression of love towards all your creative art and study projects in your daily lives of discovering more about your humanness and divinity. It is great and fun, utterly to be the divine in human form embracing God as the beauty of your soul is being reflected back to you. We are now complete.

Great White Brotherhood and the Order of Magdalenas featured in our Tonglen blessings

Violet Flame Blessing for Sacred Sexuality

Dear Ones,

We are here and we love you. This is the Great White Brotherhood back again to empower the femininehood of the world to stand up for their earnest truths that have yet to be transmuted from the shame and guilt of yesterday. By saying so, may we once and for all remove the judgement of sexuality in the matter of form that is limiting the definition in the beauty and strength of the oneness that the alchemy of divine masculinity and divine femininity truly IS. We are here to finally break through the barriers of which had once been very difficult to remove from the human psyche to now be embraced and celebrated without the turmoil of the rights for one society to another for this world is for all and not one society over another. We come today in order to speak the truth of your own heart which is true source to step forward into your role as divine leaders of tomorrow. We speak of the youth that is lost in this old template of which the adults in your life are working very hard to uplift for all to enjoy sacred sexuality. May it not be limited to sexual relations and rather, could it be so that this act of love in its stable foundation of beliefs that are in alignment to the wholeness of birthing and creating a life beyond that we know or expect to be true, to that which we desire with the consciousness of an enlightened society. We ask this day that the sooner you realise your sovereign potential as creators whether it be as another human form for new souls to reside within your world of ascension into the Golden Age or whether it is to be your true self in expressing your divine blueprint for the world to ponder in the uniqueness of you for which they draw upon inspiration from you. We have yet more to speak about this topic but for now, for today, may be honour the balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine free from the shackles of separation within self that had caused much confusion out in the open world or others suppression within.

This topic is often confused to be the energies that are to be sought after outside of you but truly we are all in the oneness consciousness playing very different, specific roles and carry potentials that are divinely calculated and orchestrated to the precise measure of abundance in the infinite potential that life gives in any given moment. We are here with a blessing today, if you are so willing to accept, we would like to cast over your crown chakra and activation of the twin flame souls realigning to reconnect to heal and resolve all the uncertainties of the times ahead which will always be a state of the unknown but it is your choice to fear or to love.

So now, let us begin. We are here now surrounding each one of you reading this message a truth serum of which you may picture as a red pill or a blue pill. Now notice how the image reminds you of that in conception of life in the 3d realm full of control, restriction and lack of self accountability in choosing how your body shall respond to the behaviours of yourself and others. We say this, without any judgment but rather to see that it is truly unreliable for you act in the moment of love and it is with consciousness that you open your heart for new life to enter a divine plan in your life linked with another being who have chosen you specifically to parent them and family in their conscious decision. Now I would like you to place both of these pills into a glass of cold water. Let the tablet or capsules fizz away. Let it dissolve and the air of which was required for the reaction to occur may it be blessed by the abundance of oxygen in all life forms, including the very atmosphere you see as an external environment which truly is a womb of Mother Gaia herself. Now with the capsule all dissolved, notice how the colouring of red and blue have merged to generate a purple hue. With a tinge of blue for expression and red for passion, love and true existence in the human body. Now I know that these imaginings are bringing up deep psychological burdens that many of you suppress in order to truly understand fully the whole process of life guarding and life giving. Be it that, this is a chemical process that you are seeing which holds the primordial nature of life in the Earth planetary system. Now open your mouth wide and drink from this cup of poison in disguise of your shame, guilt, shyness, reservedness, pain, sorrow, hatred, anger, confusion, ignorance. At this time we are now joined with the Order of Magdalena who are experts in the transmutation of poison into soul power. May we keep an open mind in hoping that there is light at the end of this process. It is within this depth of pain, trauma, sadness, sorrow, hurt that you are able to hit rock bottom and rise free of any limiting belief as you see that you are pure consciousness guiding the process of ascension that alchemises darkness and light together like a dance of the Universe itself. May it bear fruit of which were once forbidden to be the self love that you are learning to reintroduce into your way of being. May it be the overture of the hanging fruit that which you were once afraid in mistrusting your own choices and behaviours in the way that most resonates with you in releasing, acknowledging and setting free NOW. We see now, that the potion of love that which you have consumed as that of your own guilt and shame has now been processed in your heart space with the help and guidance of the Order of Magdalena to bring forth now Angels of Peace in your heart, mind, body and spirit which bursts out from your own being as violet doves that want to fly and be free and develop their own way of being in the divine consciousness processed through the heart and connected to the divine through the crown chakra now beaming with a song of light that uplifts your happiness, joy, pleasure, wellbeing, desire, all the words that define the truth of how much you wish to be of essence appreciating the heart of the universe within every cell of your body. May the violet truth beam through undeniable of the primordial connection of your humanity to the expression of your divinity in the heart and that of cosmic love up above and all around. We thank you for facing these shadows from your closet of deep human connection that have been shunned for aeons to come through and be a part of your passion for life and love itself. Thank you dear ones, we are the Great White Brotherhood Collective and the Order of the Magdalena working in Unison so to alchemise the separation and distortion of the sacred man and women now, today, once and for all. Blessed be.

About Love by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. We are the collective of the Great White Brotherhood once more and we are in awe of the promising year ahead for each one of you. Yes, we are not denying the difficult and challenging circumstances that continue to be in your daily life but we wish for you to focus upon the waterfalls of love and light in which your Higher Self is always immersing you in whilst honouring the free will and choices you make whether it be held within the heart or mind. In today’s channeled message through Thien Phuong we will be sharing an understanding that will make sense over the years as you call upon our loving presence to allow this technology to come through. We would like to speak of the Golden Path Home that have been generated as of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 21st December 2020. We see that the Holy Mother, Father and Child is to be united in this year as the consciousness of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is understood to be free of judgement based on the physical form one chooses to incarnate as in this or any incarnation. We are here to speak of the true essence of this alchemical energy to help you with manifesting a life of fulfilment in your heart. Feel not that sadness of one longing for the other as depicted in mass media upon the planet.

The word romance is a beautiful one though skewed in its truly deep connection with spirituality. Romance is to be understood as the spark of insight and awe astounding your consciousness as the wholeness of the one who reflects this less prominent beauty of you and also the interactions of unconditional love across the unique blueprint that each person holds. It is not fair to say that living as a warrior being in human form you must earn that love which is already within you. We are not saying that you should remain a lone soul in order to understand that wholeness within you. But rather than to look outside to recognize what you are missing, enlightenment itself is to light up within you this awareness of the existence of what you yearn for from within is already present. Then comes the separation consciousness in the schism of the material and non-material world. On earth we wish to experience a life of adventure with companions who are in the resonance of our current spiritual journey. Hence we go on to explore new places so to expand our conscious awareness without noting the effortlessness of which the heart is choosing to help you explore that love the world has for you and wishes for you to know.

Time and time again we are longing for a home and the heart is patiently waiting within for you to recognize that it is the home of your fulfilment as it supports you and comes along with you on all your endeavours to learn of the love it holds for you. This is why we have one another on planet earth as with any other place in the galaxy that we have one another to remind us and reground soon after our transition as a soul from one form to another. In Aboriginal culture one is connected to Gaia though anointments of ochre creating a feeling of home as a child is birthed to explore the world as a sovereign individualized being in terms of matter. This same principle applies to self love as recognized that the self here is pure love one with the world and one with the one. Until humanity learns to appreciate themselves as the being of love they have searched for their whole life in the spell of romance where it has been distracted by a distant materialization of another earth vessel and not the soul transcendent of form we (humanity) under the veil of consciousness will continue to feel loneliness who feels a void which grows larger in the belief of it being without never noting that it is also within.

On transmuting the separation consciousness we wish to share that without noticing how small this perception is and yet there are so many questions arising upon this mystery, you would never be able to imagine a new world that is fitting of your heart’s revered affection sourced unlimitedly to you. This clarity we wish to share with you today is the anticipation of your ever deepening love no matter how your heart is choosing and assisting you to heal this separated wound we love you just as much and more as we all love ourselves together. Having been on similar paths to you as a collective of Ascended Masters, we will never judge you and in fact cheer you on as you ascend to recognize love you and we together complete, grow and expand!

We love you dearly and now step back as you walk the heart’s way home. We are now complete.

Great White Brotherhood

Rainbow Heart Song by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. Thank you for bringing me through so that I could extend my love from the last message I [Sanat Kumara] have transmitted through to you. We are as the Great White Brotherhood would love to share our love in the communion of world wisdom in such a manner that Earth is able to mature with as little ruckus as possible. Although note that what we see in Heaven/Higher realms may not be the same to you as you define ruckus. Nonetheless, we always honour the uniqueness of the human experience in developing a sense of reality out of the illusions that have been projected unto the people from long, long ago. Now it is time to embrace that joyous radiance within your heart in its protection of your divinity with white light cuddling your energetic system at this time. Feel the brotherly love that sparkles with a diamond frequency that awakens you to the strength and the softness of the unified rainbow light. See now the rainbow heart as your emotions, thoughts and feelings refract, shine and sing their heart song of great purpose in each wavelength, in each loving feature of this unification of soul as a symphony. We are there with you through all hardship and any celebration to share our loving support and frequency of our soft strength for you to carry our heart song within your loving embrace for life as we too celebrate our life alongside your aliveness. Passion is to be enlivened with your true colours in living that authentic purpose of your soul agreement at this time. Beyond is a limitless bountiful area of creative potential. I applaud you for being willing to reach forward and run wild in the endless possibilities of truly fulfilling your heart and holding your destiny with your palms to remind you of the map within your heart as we interact with Earth’s eco-ascension.

We are now complete.

The Great White Brotherhood