Full Circle in the Light of Oneness Consciousness

Dear One,

I AM here with you at this time during the ascension process which is going on all over the world and all over the Universe at this time for we are not a speck in the ocean without the ocean to know that a speck is a relative co-ordinate to an even larger whole.

We open up with greetings from the Higher realm as ascended masters who have come to surround you at this time in order to renew the light codes of humanity in an advanced evolutionary state of which the non-physical is entertwined into the physical realm in this liminal space that we call the collective consciousness.

We would like to point out that the collective consciousness is not the collective consciousness of humanity only whenever you may hear this term being used to describe the function of the in-pour of love and light from the central sun to be processing with Gaia and her children. We speak of the collective consciousness in terms of the unity consciousness all over the world wide galaxy of which you know you are whole and complete in this fullness of each and every spirit to be blessed with divine union in all its forms.

We wish to express our gratitude for all the love that you share with others as you come about your day knowing who you are is one of light and love without the division which has its own process of coming into your light field for integration. At this point, we would like to bring forward your consciousness of soul fragments which have not yet come home to your being to now do so.

Now imagine yourself resting and relaxing on the surface of an ocean. Or for those who are not as comfortable to visualise themselves on top of the water surface as of phobias with water, we ask you to instead be on the bay of the beach where the sand is slowly, slowly covering your feet and you rest in the sunlight for as long as you feel comfortable. Now, imagine this is where you are, floating or resting along the beach waves or shore and suddenly a shark comes to the surface of the water circling you in order to prepare for its next interaction with a being that is less capable of what it is able to cross as a boundary conscious being that you are. And now as the circle becomes smaller and smaller your light shines brighter and brighter from wherever your physical vessel may be in response to the interaction of the sharks and your light. Suddenly now, the sharks stop in the circling and they learn to float still or remain stationary and rest with you. You now see all of these sharks are glowing and if you are on the land, imagine that the sharks were instead crabs that could easily prey on your vulnerable state resting under the sun in a surrendered state. You see these crabs glowing and the whole area around you starts to brighten more and more as more creatures come to float around you. And now the whole ocean or the whole beach shore is packed with all the creatures that you can think of ring after ring or length after length of animals and creatures that are drawn to your light. Yet you remain relaxed in your surrendered state, smiling at the sun.

Now I would like you to calm down even more for this was quite an exciting experience. We relax deeper into the water and high above the world is the sun shining brighter and brighter for the intensity of the beings coming together in unity consciousness has meant that we have adapted to the light exposure to the point where we can receive more, especially in this restful state of being.

More and more, the light of ascension pours onto Gaia where she glows from within in order to help you and all the creatures that have been inspired by your light to ground her children. Almost to the point of which one can be blinded by the light, what happens instead is that you see the world across the veil. This whole time you were not envisioning a state that does not already exist within your or the creatures around you but a whole field of light is becoming unified as we gather around to rest and recover from all that has happened and taken shape on the lands of Gaia up to this point of a reset on earth.

With this knowing, you now all come back to your original state from when you first started reading this channelled message to now ground within your body only this time you are aware of the connection you have with all the animals, creatures, plants, nature spirits that you were open to once more as you appreciate yourself and in the whole collective in this experience residing from earth. You are developing your crystalline body at this time. You are holding more light and your restful state will open you up to a whole new world that have not been noticed before as we have grown used to the busyness of life to have taken over from the surface. Breathe and relax into this moment and smile to yourself. You have taken the time to open up your soul again and this time you are realising that the places where you allow for your soul fragments to be either transform into another creature that has its own journey of evolution or it could be your own energy that is recognising the diversity of expression and beauty of nature that you are. Merry days are here within you for your soul connection is all you need in order to launch forward your heart’s desire for more life as your soul evolves throughout this time of calling your soul home of which it had never left but to simply resurface and the ego subsides.

Namaste dear ones.

We are of the oneness consciousness connecting with you as this time in pure light and transmutation into wholeness and completion of your soul awakening from above, below and beyond. We love you. We are now complete.

Free Will, Now What?

When it comes to the self realisation that you are whole, complete and divine as you are, next comes the question of, “Okay, what is it that I would like to utilise this infinite energy for?” and, “If my brothers and sisters are here beside me on a powerful journey each, what is it that I came here for?”

Free will is already consecrated into divine will, it is just a matter of remembering who you are and that in itself is the creator of what you are already within you, a unique soul blueprint that is being expressed in this new lifetime that your consciousness is incarnated to and which comes about a whole new perspective of the same Godspark that can experience the whole Universe in every given moment.

Can you see that you are a brave soul to be here on the planet right now as we move into the reality of New Earth anchoring in our Godspark to open up our hearts and minds to what is possible for our life as a divine human being?

Can you see that all your experiences leading up to this point of self-realisation, as you awaken my dear friend have already been divinely orchestrated since the beginning? With love, you have your own divine will to choose that you are free of constraint and continue to expand. As with the discernment and judgement of truth, both work together as the divine feminine and the divine masculine in order to guide and assist your navigation through this unexplored territory of each moment.

Do you realise that you are already going forth into the unknown everyday? Do you realise that you are a holistic being rediscovering their light in a world of form as the Christhood embodied? If Jesus could do it, so can you, he is saying 😊. Divine one you are divinely guided by friends in high places who remember you and have been watching over how you progress in your journey this whole time and they cannot wait to connect with you on a deeper level as they also want to be in on the action of you rediscovering your wholeness.

I know I speak a lot about this oneness consciousness but it really is the big picture that allows you to feel overwhelmed, yes, but also liberated as you get to allow yourself to explore that vast space and envision a new earth into being as the divine parent of your own inner child. False parenthood programmings are now crumbling as we each seek and find our own sovereignty. Knowing that you are enough you will find will be more than enough for you to fully enjoy and create in this wonderful world we are living in. Heaven is right here and everything you do is already divinely guided by your own divine will. You are born for this dear child 🤗

Leave a 🏹 if you are excited about your future, a 🌏 if you feel grateful for the present moment and a 🕯 to bless the past that has shaped who you are today.

Hearts Break Open by Miriam

Dear One,

We are here and we love you. Thank you for moving forward in life wherever there may be heartfelt relationship that no longer resonate you choose to leave behind. Thank-you for the mannerism of self worthiness so that all may prosper in the name of their own divinity. It is without a doubt that earth is shifting and so are the humans in co-existence as part of the Earth. We want to assure you all that any changes that have overcome you with emotion at this time is to be surrendered for the sake of heaven on earth for ALL. We are but one and we are many in expression of this ALL for one to be self realized interdependently. It is gracious to truly understand true love for the benefit of all. For true love is the pure consciousness of All-That-Is which is love beyond the mind, beyond understanding. To be truthful to oneself, one must not lie to others and this could mean we leave behind vibrational mismatch as enjoyable as it has been to connect with these delightful beings of love and light. We evolve and cast away any stagnation for it takes two to tango and with any heartbreak that comes, let it be this inspiring evidence of love that had once been there and how your heart is opening even wider having fully felt what it is that you have experienced enjoying one another’s presence.

Together we are always connected, even with those who are ostracized from public communities. And even the ones who need our help most in the realms of unity consciousness feeling separated from God in the mind for so long and do not know how they shall return. Peace is within you all. This stability of our heart, mind, body and spirit is to be felt fully so that we can say it is our consciousness experiencing the consciousness that which we seek to explore and integrate in self awareness.

Together we can build a new world order in embracing humanity, our own humanity, in our Christed consciousness to embody by example, of Source extension, our Christed soul as a unified soul as below so above.

We are one and we are many. Love is all that we have got and there is plenty. Wish upon not to seek outside for you within your Christed self arise.

We are now complete.

Miriam of the Order of Magdalene