Corruption Correction by Melchizedek

Dear One,

We would like you to know that you are growing in your personal discernment as you have taken the time to turn inward so that you are aware of energy that is being received through you. We bless you, sensitive soul, at this time in honouring yourself as you have chosen the path of light in order to be of service in the greater whole of humanity. You are seeking advice from many sources while you are also able to know what the truth feels like. You have undeniably mastered more of yourself as you do your inner work in order to support your personal ascension as well as your family and friends who look to you for clarity.

Here, as I Melchizedek, state a few items in order to guide and support you in your ascension timeline so that you can choose more of your joy instead of enduring more than enough suffering already.

To identify a corrupted leader, we would like you to know how we see or define corrupt from a higher vantage point of divine knowledge.

We see corruption as a negative imprint on a soul that remains on an individual housing that soul for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, souls will give birth to negative offspring as a continuation of the previous generation bringing forward the dissonance of divine order that have not been resolved. In that, we now speak of procrastination.

Some may not see procrastination as a worrisome act against ones own will but we implore to you that any wounds that remain unresolved by your acknowledgement of such presence in your vibrational frequency is enough to throw yourself off center. Know that right now, we start off this description of corruption as a personal responsibility that each person must stay accountable for. To do your own research, to live up to your own expectations, to be brave enough to take a stand for what is right even if it risks you validating a fear of failure (which in itself is a corruption), we would like you to know that in order to do so, it is important that we observe our own actions first before judging another.

This message, we clarify, is not meant to evoke self judgment whatsoever. Although with shame, a powerful emotion of acknowledging dissonance that have shifted our vibrational state lower than that we know we are capable of vibrating from, we speak of now to ensure that you let yourself off the hook given you are reading this message in acknowledgement of how uncomfortable it is to be feeling shame in life.

Honour yourself dear ones because when one chooses to honour yourself you are declaring that I now will be held accountable for the frequency that I emit out in my surroundings and to those I connect with. I am here to serve my highest potential in order to restore my own divinity as a ripple effect is subsequent to phase out all corruption. I now stand in my sovereignty in order to be of the highest light I know of and seek to explore. I am unconditional love that seeks to release any vows which do not serve my highest good and I demand respect from myself to bring forward my innate inner healer. I am of the vibration of Christ seeking to embody more of this legacy of light to empower humanity as they reach the heights and groundedness of an enlightened society.

You see dear ones, the dissonance has already been acknowledged by you deep in your core. What matters more at this pivotal time is to declare your sovereignty in order to alleviate yourself and others of suffering once and for all. In that we can go past the self denial which is stored in your subconscious that will record every part of you that you may have forgotten. Truth will continue to strengthen in your development as you seek enlightenment from within you. All else shall follow through this healing of corruption from within as self love becomes the mightiest example of a leader fully embodied in their divinity. All is truly well. I am now complete.


Free Will, Now What?

When it comes to the self realisation that you are whole, complete and divine as you are, next comes the question of, “Okay, what is it that I would like to utilise this infinite energy for?” and, “If my brothers and sisters are here beside me on a powerful journey each, what is it that I came here for?”

Free will is already consecrated into divine will, it is just a matter of remembering who you are and that in itself is the creator of what you are already within you, a unique soul blueprint that is being expressed in this new lifetime that your consciousness is incarnated to and which comes about a whole new perspective of the same Godspark that can experience the whole Universe in every given moment.

Can you see that you are a brave soul to be here on the planet right now as we move into the reality of New Earth anchoring in our Godspark to open up our hearts and minds to what is possible for our life as a divine human being?

Can you see that all your experiences leading up to this point of self-realisation, as you awaken my dear friend have already been divinely orchestrated since the beginning? With love, you have your own divine will to choose that you are free of constraint and continue to expand. As with the discernment and judgement of truth, both work together as the divine feminine and the divine masculine in order to guide and assist your navigation through this unexplored territory of each moment.

Do you realise that you are already going forth into the unknown everyday? Do you realise that you are a holistic being rediscovering their light in a world of form as the Christhood embodied? If Jesus could do it, so can you, he is saying 😊. Divine one you are divinely guided by friends in high places who remember you and have been watching over how you progress in your journey this whole time and they cannot wait to connect with you on a deeper level as they also want to be in on the action of you rediscovering your wholeness.

I know I speak a lot about this oneness consciousness but it really is the big picture that allows you to feel overwhelmed, yes, but also liberated as you get to allow yourself to explore that vast space and envision a new earth into being as the divine parent of your own inner child. False parenthood programmings are now crumbling as we each seek and find our own sovereignty. Knowing that you are enough you will find will be more than enough for you to fully enjoy and create in this wonderful world we are living in. Heaven is right here and everything you do is already divinely guided by your own divine will. You are born for this dear child 🤗

Leave a 🏹 if you are excited about your future, a 🌏 if you feel grateful for the present moment and a 🕯 to bless the past that has shaped who you are today.

Jesus Loves Me by Jesus of the Christ

Hi dear One,

I am here and I love you all, each and everyone of you. Thank you for taking your time in reading this message as much as I am truly grateful for your hard efforts in working through your ascension process whether you know of such process is evolving through you or not. I am Ascended Master Jesus of the Christ who is here with you now during this time of a Venus retrograde in Aries. Yes indeed it is a fiery feminine time to be alive as the goddess energy is returning to the planet ever so more empoweredly as we wake up to our true divine nature having blessed so many with love and light along with healing in the openness of one heart to another. Just as Phuong lately has rediscovered in her own innate, true nature to be of service in a world beyond her imagination as of yet she is still going forward with love in her heart knowing that we as your team of the Highest light will always hold you every swift motion of an ascension wave to sweep you off to your dream life with the ease and flow of not attaching to anyone, any person, any place or thing, any longer. It is a time indeed where we choose to love instead of remaining in the fear and scarcity that despite all these wonderful ideas coming forward to you each day to try something new there is a holdback of inner resistance to that light within you in which you have been afraid of going full out to others in your complete divine expression.

It is a time indeed to no longer be afraid of who you are as a light, divine being who is worthy of being seen whether it would lead to fame or humiliation, the end of all light is the beginning of more light as we move in the positive direction of living in this time on earth who collectively as humanity have chosen to be in the light and love of which we co-create a New Earth. Think not of New Earth as a place to go to although, it can manifest as an experience you can locate or surround your divine co-ordinate with as a reality, but instead, we encourage you to explore the nature of new earth already within you to be expressed as a heavenly state of being, of love, of purity in all its layers, forms, angles, shapes. You are so amazing in your ability to evolve into the unknown just like that song from Panic at the Disco and Elsa the Ice Queen as she fully loves and accepts her ancient nature of truth and wisdom beyond circumstance.

We ask of you to take the time out to love who you are to reflect on what you are most wanting to bring into the world for others to be amazed of that intelligence your love is for life and that your light is for exploring more of the love you seek in the reflections of you.

Now with the divine masculinity, we want to raise the vibration of which has been dense and heavy as a burden you carry like a cross of your world’s own self persecution. We cry with the tears of grief in deeply understanding how difficult it is to be restrained from your light to truly protect the sacred and to truly be there as the man you were born to be. And note that when I say man in this context, I speak of the collective consciousness of what it means to go after your dreams with the might of your light. Indeed yes, it has been harsh of an environment to be a sacred masculine even if it has been just as difficult as a woman. You are both working together to sort out the schism of the divine feminine and the divine masculine as being separate from one another when truly, it is the creative energy viewed or appreciated from different ends of the spectrum.

This is all I have to say today, in bringing your awareness to the wholeness of you as a creative, conscious light bearer here to deliver the truth of your divinity in the ways that most suits pathways that your neurology can accommodate as it grows with you, as it repairs itself when you are in touch with your heart again. It is free will consecrated to the divine will in all possibility with the Angel of Coherence here with you now to watch over your trauma bonds to a society of self love deficiency. There, you have received more of yourself today and I love you dearly as well as you would love me.

I am Lord Jesus of the Christ, here with nothing but unconditional love for you expecting none in return for either way this is our true nature and I only would like that to shine as bright as possible.

I am now complete. Amen, amen, amen.

Jesus loves you.

Ocean Within a Drop by Green Tara

Dear One,

This is Green Tara here with each one of you, thank-you very much for the kindness you share with others. For the healing work you work through on yourself you are tending to people from all of time space reality. We want you to be a karate kid in your approach to your rising capabilities. One who is wanting so much that you would turn dreams into reality. We see you as beautiful dear souls and without any discredit to who you feel and know you are, there is so much more. It is incredible what the vibrational reality you bring forward to others would do for the ocean of energy across all realms, dimensions and worlds and yet it all begins as a mountain is built by a grain of sand and soil. But that alone, grit alone, cannot change and transform without the acceptance of the greater force of air, fire, earth and water which not only creates but also shapes by sharpening away what is not of the intention. Clearing away the matter of infinity is like washing water with water. You may see any particles within to clear and dissolve into equilibrium but they are of the essence in its own right to expand and be defined by the entirety that has ebbed and flowed with the atoms being rearranged. One cannot stand as a divided being. There are times when we need to surrender to your own wholeness as with focus to only this particulate within the ocean, we would be forgetting the ecosystem that gives it purpose and meaning.

Sometimes there are cracks and leaks within the Universe but what is it really a crack or a leak of other than our perception of what is and what isn’t? See duality is not a matter of opposites but a compartmentalization and omission, a restrictive fencing for your conceptual thinking – ‘your’ as in the human paradigm that is dissolving away. It takes courage to break free from what one has always known but it takes disastrous tsunamis of destruction when it comes on for too long as a complex of confusion without trust. Complex PTSD, note Phuong is not a doctor and so please do not hold her responsible for any medical credibility of your own interpretation about such – but what I do wish to present to you is the energy that this complexity is that if we simply relax into our beingness, energy would be resourced rather than constricted allowing Divine solutions to fall fresh upon your mind as the source energy blesses you time and time again. Be free beloved being of truth, you are beyond great for there is no word that would move beyond a concept of how you feel as the Godspark or the thunder bolt of Heaven that you are. I am complete. Thank you dearest, I now retreat.

Green Tara