Private Channeling Sessions

I have spoken with Thien Phuong Tran when I was facing a lot of uncertainty, fear and doubt in my life. When I read her posts, she made me feel connected and less isolated in my experience as a sensitive person. I was attracted to her connection with spirituality as she knows what she’s here for has truly inspired me. She gave insight and justice to my suffering both conscious and unconscious. The inner working for myself can be read like a book for Thien Phuong. I couldn’t thank her enough for the connection she has with her guides that reassures me that we can manifest our freedom by being intentional to it. She comes from a place of love and is daring to give more than she takes. I think she’s a lovely person, being and soul.

– Betty

I would like to share my experiences with Thien Phuong. I have known Phuong for quite a while now channeling with her every week for a year at least. Phuong is an amazing and gentle soul and an amazing and wonderful channel. She masters the skill of listening to the “quiet“ sounds and grab their importance. ( sorry not my mother tongue) hope you get what I want to say Phuong’s channelings are to the point addressing the issue that needs to be addressed most at the time. Her messages are coming from a place of love, upliftment and encouragement. After her channelings I feel weight dropping off my shoulders, clarity and seeing things from another angle. This helps to find solutions to issues you did not think about – like thinking outside of the box. Thank you Phuong for being such a gift to the world – sending love and blessings

– Mireille

Phuong has an amazing energy which makes you feel uplifted. She is very kind and gentle. She is one of those people who truly want to be of service. You are in good hands with Phuong. Her connection to Spirit is real and makes you feel in awe of the endless opportunities for humankind. Know that when you meet Phuong, you will heal more, whether it’s on a conscious or subconscious level.

– Lore

I feel so much gratitude and love after my channeling session with Phuong. I loved her delivery of the messages I was getting and there was such a calm and peaceful space created. Phuong was patient and supportive when I needed clarification and had additional questions. The recording I received afterwards was very useful to playback so I could really hear the true message in the answers given. 

– Alexandra 

My first experience with Thien Phuong Tran was interesting as I never done channeling sessions before. I’m very open to trying out new things and explore how this works. As I myself been through a lot of grief, trauma and dark times, I find Phuong had helped me with healing and spiritual process by channeling her great energy and inner peace. Phuong is a nice, kind and gentle person and has a beautiful soul. Throughout the session I find it was calming and relaxing. I wanted to thank Phuong for her connection and guiding me through a wonderful path in life.

– Maria

Thien is a truly gifted channel of Spirit. She has connected me with my spirit guides multiple times. With each time, I went away with increased clarity, support and love. Her guidance is also very accurate. It’s quite remarkable. I suspect that she knows how to stay as unbiased as possible when she channels, allowing her to relay the information to the sitter unfiltered. Truly a blessing to be able to call upon her for guidance

– Devin

Light Language Transmissions

Wow! Thank you very much, Phuong! That was amazing! First, I felt a huge release from the crown chakra and my entire head. It also felt like a block above my head was removed. Then, my entire heart filled up with love and light, and I tingled everywhere in the most beautiful way. Afterward, I’ve had a slow, consistent flow of light opening up my third eye more and more. Even the meridians in my arms are feeling more light flowing into them. The throat chakra is also healing more with a gentle flow of love and light cleansing and opening it up more and more.

– Brenda